A Little Update.

Hi, yeah, I’m still here. A lot has happened since I spoke to you all.

Work has been insane- everyone is needing last minute appointments. I’ve listened to so many speeches that I’ve started counting filler words in every day conversations. PLEASE, do us both a favor and refrain from using “um”, “uh” and “like”.

The semester is almost over and I’m definitely feeling ready for my week off. I’ve created enough PR campaigns, media kits, and social media posts to last a lifetime.

Next semester I’ll be starting my internship with the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce. I’ll be working as an event planner, editor, and receptionist. The great thing about my job is that I get to sit at the front of the office instead of in the “cubicle of death”… (the other 3 interns share a cubicle- gag me)

I’ll also be a member of the BYU-Idaho Center Stage Marketing Board. (SO PUMPED) Have you guys looked at the line up for next semester? Alex Boye, Mat Kearney, The National Parks, Mercy River, Ultimi… GUYS. It’s going to be amazing. And, the best part is, I get to meet ALL OF THEM.

On top of THAT, I’ll still be a TA/tutor and taking two classes on campus.
AND dealing with 75% new membership in our ward.

I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be pretty busy. Sorry if we can’t hang out.

I promise I still love you.


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