I think I'm finally starting to get sick. The only thing I want to do is drink chocolate milk so that my throat can be coated in chocolatey goodness. I'm getting used to all of the small noises and creaks that our house makes. I get jumpy while Malachi is at work- worried that some … Continue reading Albuquerque.



What happened in 2017? January: We celebrated our one year anniversary. February: Malachi bought me a Mac for Valentine's Day. March: We traveled to St. George with my family for my cousin's wedding. Reid stayed with us in Rexburg during his spring break. April: I was able to go in the media room during the … Continue reading 2017.

Why We Decided to Stop Fertility Treatments.

This has been the most liberating time I’ve experienced in the last while. When a couple is trying to get pregnant, but find that it will be more difficult than they originally planned, their whole world is turned upside down. I’ve felt like I’ve been on a never ending roller coaster. With each month, with each … Continue reading Why We Decided to Stop Fertility Treatments.


Hello, everyone. Am I at work blogging instead of working? Yes. Yes, I am. I just had to share with you our vacation to Stanley, Idaho. If I wasn't so freaked out about bugs, the woods, drowning, or going to the bathroom in the wild... it may have been a lot more enjoyable. But, overall, I would say it was … Continue reading Vacation.

Stress- And Other Things.

Hi, friends. It's been a while. Life has been stressful lately. Everyone knows that I'm a planner. I think it runs in my blood. So when things don't go according to plan, I stress. Big time. A lot of you know that we had been looking into buying a house earlier in the year. WELL... We'd … Continue reading Stress- And Other Things.