Mother’s Day.

This was the first mother's day in years that I haven't wanted to stay in bed and just cry. I mean, believe me, I still cried today. But for different reasons. I sat in church and reflected on my life. I reflected back to past mother's day's and how I was so angry and frustrated with … Continue reading Mother’s Day.


Family Ward.

Well everyone, just as we were about to give up... We experienced a miracle. We have a little baby on the way and we're feeling completely overwhelmed and happy. Being in an established family ward has been a totally new experience for me. I always thought that I was good with youth age kids. But … Continue reading Family Ward.

Why We Decided to Stop Fertility Treatments.

This has been the most liberating time I’ve experienced in the last while. When a couple is trying to get pregnant, but find that it will be more difficult than they originally planned, their whole world is turned upside down. I’ve felt like I’ve been on a never ending roller coaster. With each month, with each … Continue reading Why We Decided to Stop Fertility Treatments.